RVMPO Strategic Assessment February 2016

The RVMPO—working with staff from ODOT and the Department of Land Conservation & Development (DLCD)—conducted a strategic assessment of adopted local and regional land use and transportation plans. The assessment provides a picture of what the area may look like given plans, recent trends, and information about future conditions. The final report was completed in February 2016 and is available below.

Using the Regional Strategic Planning Model (RSPM), Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) and the Department of Land Conservation and Development (DLCD) staff worked with MPO staff to gather data needed to run the RSPM model. Local stakeholders such as city planners, utilities, transit providers, and others served as key contacts for information about existing plans and policies. ODOT did model runs and the project team developed a report providing information about outcomes of region interest, including:

  • Household travel costs
  • Transportation and energy costs
  • Air quality
  • Mixed-use development
  • Health Impacts
  • Vehicle miles traveled                                
  • Travel delay
  • Fuel consumed
  • Walk trips and bike miles
  • GHG emissions

The Strategic Assessment also identifies the value of state-led actions such as newer clean vehicles and fuels, which can inform plan updates and general decision-making. Additional work may be desired to help answer specific policy questions or to evaluate scenarios to formulate a vision for the region.

Regional Strategic Planning Model (RSPM)

Model inputs include demographic characteristics about the population in the RVMPO area, as well as the types of development in the area, transit service, freeway and arterial lane miles, paid parking costs and cash-out programs, ridesharing and car-share programs, individual transportation options outreach, electricity emissions, transit fuel mix, and other criteria. For a detailed look at RSPM and the inputs used to conduct the Strategic Assessment, view the user guide below.