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Policy Committee

The RVMPO Policy Committee meets on the fourth Tuesday of each month, unless canceled for lack of agenda items. Meetings normally begin at 2:00 p.m. and are currently held at the Rogue Valley Council of Governments’ Jefferson Conference Room, 155 N. 1st Street, Central Point. At these meetings current transportation issues are discussed and status reports on transportation studies and projects are given. After these discussions are completed, policy actions are taken that include adoption of the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) and Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP), revision to these documents, or the Rogue Valley Regional Transportation Plan (RV RTP), and adoption of resolutions related to current transportation issues.

The RVMPO Policy Committee makes difficult decisions in a cooperative manner. However, the Policy Committee’s responsibilities do not begin and end with making decisions. Policy Committee members are ultimately responsible to the residents of the region for the quality of transportation services and for the impact of transportation on their overall quality of life. This means that Policy Committee members share the responsibility for making sure that major transportation issues of today and tomorrow are dealt with fairly and properly.

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Technical Advisory Committee (TAC)

The RVMPO Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) is composed of planning and public works staff from the MPO’s member jurisdictions. The TAC meets two weeks in advance of the Policy Committee on the second Wednesday of each month. TAC members review and approve transportation planning related policies and programs prior to formal adoption by the Policy Committee. Meetings normally begin at 1:30 p.m. and are currently held at the Rogue Valley Council of Governments’ Jefferson Conference Room, 155 N. 1st Street, Central Point.

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Public Advisory Council (PAC)

The RVMPO Public Advisory Council (PAC) consists of appointed citizens from nine citizen involvement areas and six interest categories who make recommendations to the MPO from the public’s perspective on proposed long-range transportation plans, project plans, priorities for state and federal funding, and other transportation issues.

The PAC meets every other month on the third Tuesday, beginning in January. PAC meetings normally begin at 5:30 p.m. and are currently held at the Rogue Valley Council of Governments’ Jefferson Conference Room, 155 N. 1st Street, Central Point.

Council Application and Membership Chart:

Brochures: Citizens Guide to Metropolitan Planning

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Policy Committee Meeting Materials


PC Meeting Materials from January 2014 Onward

Policy Committee Meeting Minutes


PC Meeting Minutes from January 2014 Onward

TAC Meeting Minutes


TAC Meeting Minutes from January 2014 Onward

PAC Meeting Minutes


PAC Meeting Minutes from January 2014 Onward

PC Members

Name Organization
Art Anderson Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT)
Rick Dyer Jackson County
Eleanor Ponomareff City of Talent
Jim Lewis,  Chair City of Jacksonville
Kevin Stine City of Medford
Mike Quilty, Vice Chair City of Central Point
Rich Rosenthal City of Ashland
Ruth Jenks City of Eagle Point
Chris Luz City of Phoenix
Tonia Moro Rogue Valley Transportation District (RVTD)

TAC Members

Name Organization
Alex Georgevitch, Vice Chair City of Medford | Public Works
Charles Bennett Jackson County | Planning
Justin Shoemaker Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT)
VACANT City of Phoenix | Planning
Ian Foster City of Jacksonville | Planning
Ian Horlacher Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT)
Jeff Alvis City of Jacksonville | Public Works
Melissa Lowry
Rogue Valley Transportation District (RVTD)
Josh LeBombard Department of Land Conservation and Development (DLCD)
Karl Johnson City of Ashland | Public Works
Kyle Kearns City of Medford | Planning
Maria Harris City of Ashland | Planning
Matt Samitore City of Central Point | Public Works
Mike Kuntz Jackson County | Roads & Parks
Mike Upston City of Eagle Point | Planning
Paige West Rogue Valley Transportation District (RVTD)
VACANT City of Phoenix | Public Works
Robert Miller City of Eagle Point | Public Works
Tom Humphrey, Chair City of Central Point | Planning
Zac Moody City of Talent | Planning

PAC Members

Name Involvement Area
Mary Wooding Ashland
VACANT Ashland
Jennifer Boardman Central Point
Larry Martin Central Point
Mike Stanek Eagle Point
VACANT Eagle Point
Ron Holthusen Jacksonville
VACANT Jacksonville
VACANT East Medford
VACANT East Medford
Mark Earnest East Medford
Haley Cox West Medford
Jim Herndon West Medford
VACANT West Medford
George “Ike” Eisenhauer Phoenix
VACANT Phoenix
Thad Keays Talent
VACANT White City
VACANT White City
Edgar Hee, Vice Chair Bicycle/Pedestrian
Mike Montero, Chair Freight Industry
VACANT Low Income Community Interest
Patrick McKechnie Mass Transit
VACANT Minority Community Interest
Michael Polich Public Health
Robin Lee Senior